Integrity Enterprises Contracting Corp. Long Beach, NY A Long Island Construction Company

The crew at Integrity Enterprises Contracting took over the reconstruction of our house that needed to be completely rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy and our first contractor failed us.

Not only did the owner and his wonderful crew pick up where the last contractor left us, they fixed the errors, made great suggestions, worked great with the building department, and finished the job within 3 months (despite having to overcome obstacles left by our previous contractor,) and within our budget!
The amount of personal interaction between my family and Integrity Enterprises Contracting's owner during this process has actually led to more than just a client/contractor relationship.
Integrity Construction is a family business that understands families. They realize that every day you are not home is a day “not home.” Charlie, as the owner of Integrity Enterprises Contracting, was at the job site every day. If there was a day off due to weather or anything, he called or texted me personally to let me know why.
The crews were professional, polite, and amazingly detail-oriented.
I truly can not more highly recommend a contractor than Integrity Enterprises Contracting. My wife and I are so happy that we found him when we did.
Through Integrity Enterprises Contracting, we will offer to show you the work they have done. We LOVE our new home, the speed in which it was built, and the quality work that went into it!!!

Tim K. - Long Beach, NY,